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PhilMay 10, 2023 12:18:58 PM< 1 min read

DOTCH® Second Life

Sustainability and social impact are at the center of what we do. Our contribution ...
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Johan-Detlef DubbelboerApr 5, 2023 4:48:04 PM< 1 min read

STAXS® Sustainability Report 2022

Johan-Detlef Dubbelboer CEO STAXS® Another year on our journey toward “STAXS®️ Pink ...
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PhilMar 10, 2023 4:17:53 PM1 min read

STAXS® Facility Expansion Update

STAXS® A big step. Without leaving a footprint! The first phase of the expansion of our ...
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PhilMar 2, 2023 2:24:42 PM< 1 min read

STAXS® Pink Planet in action

STAXS® Pink planet in action... In 2023 full electrical or plug-in hybrid electric cars ...
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PhilFeb 16, 2023 4:19:00 PM< 1 min read

Recycling DOTCH® PP disposables

STAXS® Pink is green
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Johan-Detlef DubbelboerOct 12, 2022 9:31:20 AM1 min read

STAXS® Sustainability Report

Johan-Detlef Dubbelboer CEO STAXS® Dear reader (whether you are a customer, an employee, ...
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PhilJul 22, 2022 2:42:27 PM1 min read

Groundbreaking ceremony

STAXS® Starts construction of dedicated carbon neutral facility to meet increased ...
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PhilJun 16, 2022 10:08:45 AM< 1 min read

A glimpse of tomorrow!

Today, we proudly present a glimpse of tomorrow. In the coming year, we’ll be expanding ...
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PhilSep 15, 2021 2:55:00 PM< 1 min read

Sneak peek of STAXS® Warehouse

Here's a Sneak Peek of STAXS®' Warehouse! We’ve just received another container full of ...
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